Summer school

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The Summer-School on materials for batteries took place on

June 2nd to 4th, 2015

at EIGSI in La Rochelle, France


Download presentations from the MAT4BAT summer school:

MAT4BAT Summer School Program

day 1

Industrial partner presentation: AVERE France, Joseph Beretta, AVERE France

Overall presentation of the Mat4Bat European project, Sébastien Martinet, CEA / Liten

City Mobil 2 : Experimentation of a driverless bus prototype in La Rochelle, Tatianna Graindorge, EIGSI


day 2

Successful water processing of cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries, Andriy Kvasha, CIDETEC

Study of high energy cathode materials: Li-Rich materials, Jean-François Colin, CEA / Liten

Optimizing a LTO synthesis process for industrial up-scaling, David Eskenazi, PRAYON

Carbon-based negative electrode active materials for lithium-ion batteries – past, present and trends towards the future, Pirmin Ulmann, IMERYS

Electrode formulation and processing, Dane Sotta, CEA Liten

Life cycle assessment and environmental impact of materials for batteries, Katrien Boonen, VITO

Thermal Characterisation of the Intrinsic Safety Behaviour of Lithium-ion
Materials and Batteries, Meike Fleischhammer, Thomas Waldmann, Gunther Bisle, and Margret Wohlfahrt-Mehrens, ZSW

Launch of new binders : Leveraging innovation to an economic advantage, Roberta Colombo and Thierry Baert, Solvay

Electrolytes for lithium ion batteries for electric vehicles, Jörg Kaiser, KIT

Round table (Cell design and manufacturing), Jörg Kaiser, KIT


day 3

Calendar ageing of Li-ion batteries: results from ageing tests and understanding from autopsies, Arnaud Delaille, CEA Liten

Cycling Ageing of Lithium-Ion batteries, Sébastien Grolleau, EIGSI

Diagnosis & post-mortem analysis, Thomas Waldmann, Niloofar Ghanbari, Michael Kasper, and Margret Wohlfahrt-Mehrens, ZSW

Calendar ageing modelling of Lithium-ion batteries, Philippe Gyan, Renault

Lithium-Sulfur Technology: recent developments and perspectives, Sébastien Martinet, CEA / Liten

Next generation batteries, Philippe Desprez, SAFT

Battery industry prospective in Europe and new technologies, Claude Chanson, RECHARGE association